Latest Telenor Summer Internship Program Jobs For Male & Female

Summer Internship Program Telenor 2021 – Telenor Pakistan has launched a brand new summer season internship for many Pakistanis. Summer Internship Program Telenor 2021 is just a six-week internship program starting at the conclusion of June 2021. That is taken care of internships and professional opportunities at Telenor. As you feel section of an international company, makes valuable contributions to activities that have a significant impact on business success while gaining advanced search skills. Telenor offers year-round internships to brilliant and talented applicants to highlight talent and risk in art and especially to improve the seasonal environment.

You is likely to be counseled, nurtured, and empowered to produce, create, and create something inspiring that affects the lives of 46 million people daily while reflecting our four guiding principles The Telenor Summer Internship Program 2021.

Latest Telenor Summer Internship Program Jobs For Male & Female

Latest Telenor Summer Internship Program Jobs Details

2Internship LocationIslamabad,Karachi,Lahore Other
3Monthly Stipend25000
6Last dateAnnounced Soon
Latest Telenor Summer Internship Program Jobs

Nаme оf Роst:


Emрlоyment Tyрe:

This is а соntrасtuаl роsitiоn.


Six weeks

Internshiр Lосаtiоn:

Internshiрs аre орen in Lаhоre, Islаmаbаd, Kаrасhi, аnd Gilgit. Relосаtiоn serviсes аnd аllоwаnсes аre nоt аvаilаble.

The medium оf the рrоgrаm:

This is а virtuаl рrоgrаm. Hоwever, yоu mаy be аsked tо mаke yоurself рhysiсаlly аvаilаble аs аnd when wоrk-frоm-hоme lifts.

Stiрend аnd Аllоwаnсe:

This is а раid internshiр орроrtunity. Yоu will reсeive а stiрend, а mоbile сredit аllоwаnсe, аnd а lарtор fоr the durаtiоn оf the рrоgrаm.

Vacant Jobs

  • Business
  • Commercial
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Digital
  • Finance
  • Human Capital
  • Technology


Telenor Summer Internship Program 2020.As a business trainee, you’ll analyze our existing product portfolio, reduce target segments, conduct Industrial Summer Internship Program Telenor 2021, and requirements to enhance product features and improve user experience.


You will understand the Summer Internship Program Telenor 2021 website and app statistics to operate a vehicle information, conduct existing product and service evaluations to identify gaps and suggest development solutions.

Making use of your marketing knowledge, you will build engaging and strategic connections to boost our digital forums and channels, provide product support to Summer Internship Program Telenor 2021 for product design, product development, and communication. You will also design the method structure and performance of the commercial marketing activities Telenor Summer Internship Program

Business News:

As a corporate professional, you’ll correspond with government agencies, make use of the tools to download Summer Internship Program Telenor 2021 and provide data from a certain website, create it automatically, and make direct link with the data repository in a safe network.


You’ll measure digital products by giving in-app support to customer-focused channels, planning, and conducting customer acquisition, engagement, and retention campaigns. You’ll conduct comparative research and help introduce new partners.


You will are able to utilize a global team of experts to understand about compensation design and equity. It will support the management of large levels of data, provide excel-based storage and provide support for data-driven solutions.


As an apprenticeship in Technology, you is going to be part of the Core Network’s virtualization process, in addition to the development of RAN cloud software. You will are able allow customer analytics data on Qlik software and supplement the subscriber capacity by creating and refining customer data and enable BI’s annual BI survey of the Telenor Summer Internship Program 2021.

Latest Telenor Summer Internship Program Jobs Eligibility 


  • Applicants must complete at the least six semester bachelor’s degree OR
  • Applicants must complete no less than two semesters or part of a master’s degree OR
  • You’re in the final phase of one’s certification which includes ACCA, CIMA, etc.


  • Applicants must be at the least 18 years of age
  • Applicants will need to have strong analytical and decision-making skills
  • Applicants are organized and focused on details
  • Applicants have the capability to talk with people
  • Applicants are self-guided and able to work well with minimal surveillance
  • Applicants are eager to understand new and forward skills

Way of Work:

The Telenor internship program opens the doorway to review skills that produce you eligible today and in the future. Dealing with industry experts, you obtain the opportunity to network and learn the very best practices of the industry to obtain the edge in the market.

Telenor internship Benefits

Telenor provide paid internship opportunity. You will receive a

  • Monthly stipend,
  • Mobile credit allowance
  • A laptop

Why should you join Telenor?

Telenor Summer Internship Program 2021. At Telenor Pakistan, we give you a platform to work in a challenging and rewarding environment. Here, we enable you to reach your dreams in a collaborative environment where diversity and openness are paramount. You will find practical informative data on challenging, efficient projects with guidance from a few of the top experts in the industry.

As a provider of equal employment opportunities, Telenor Pakistan makes all employment decisions based on the acquisition of information aside from race, ethnicity, gender, religion, color, religion, national origin, disability.

How to Apply Telenor Summer Internship Program 2021?

All Interested candidates form all Pakistan origins meet the educational and eligibility criteria may submit online application by following this link: